Adding Smiles

Adding Smiles Foundation believes that,

“Every dream is important;
Everyone’s dream is important".

Promoting Global Leadership: The Adding Smiles Foundation is an international network for all those who practice, study, preach and teach leadership. The association is dedicated for the development and evolution of leadership and the effects on society, business, organizations as well as families. Adding Smiles Foundation aims to promote a deeper understanding of leadership knowledge and practices for the greater good of individuals and communities worldwide. Its objective and goals was also set to bring all leaders around the world to a platform to develop more quality leaders. Under the Adding Smiles initiative, the association coordinates various conferences & forum throughout the world, bringing together thousands of leaders and emerging leaders-to-be from over 15 countries.

And the biggest power of leadership is to nurture humanity. We have nurtured this thought and helped realize the dreams of more than 1600 children, helped transform the lives of destitute and created livelihood and a dignified career for acid attack victims. We thereby garnered strong supporters, mentors and goodwill ambassadors. Our events and projects have therefore been endorsed by the presence of Dr. Ratan Tata, N R Narayanmurthy , A R Rahman and many other global icons.

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